Matcha has become very popular among all generations and its culture has been booming outside of Japan, too, gaining fans all over the world.

For those of you who enjoy the exquisite taste of matcha, here are some of our carefully selected cafes where matcha is the spotlight ingredient.

1. Nana’s Green Tea

Luckily, Nana’s Green Tea has grown in popularity and you can find their shop in many places around Japan.

They offer the finest matcha sweets and the high-quality Uji Tea of Kyoto, famous worldwide for its first-rate elegant taste and a variety of desserts, from traditional Japanese sweets to chocolate and parfaits.

For those who love toppings, like me, you have plenty of options to choose from and my recommendation would be warabi mochi.

You should also try out their matcha and houjicha(roasted green tea) “Nama Chocolate” and pair it with a matcha latte or a matcha sugar-free americano. The bittersweet chocolate will go great with one of these drinks, but of course, you can try to experiment with any combination and find what best works for you.

Nana’s Green Tea offers plenty of matcha and tea-based drinks and sweets, but you can also find the usual coffee or discover a new taste such as their black sesame latte with shiratama.

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2. Satén

Satén is a matcha tea house located in Nishi Ogikubo that opened in the spring of 2018. The café looks very cute and welcoming and its interior is a mix of concrete and wood, elements that give off a very peaceful vibe to space.

What is interesting is that you can even sit at the counter and enjoy the process of making a matcha latte in front of your eyes.

I recommend the matcha latte, matcha pudding, and matcha latte ice cream. The ice matcha latte, besides its delicious taste, also has a beautiful contrast of green and white that makes it perfect for pictures as it is so aesthetically pleasing.

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3. Jugetsudo Tea Shop&Cafe (Ginza)

Next on our list is Jugetsudo in Ginza. Located on the 5th floor of Kabukiza Tower, this place is perfect for matcha lovers and those who want to have a taste of Japanese cuisine.

The sweets are beautifully presented and I recommend trying out the Matcha Mont Blanc, one of their most popular desserts.

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4. Shimokita Chaen Oyama

This cozy café is located at a 2-minute walk from the north exit of Shimokitazawa Station. The café’s most popular item on the menu is their authentic matcha kakigoori (shaved ice), so popular that in summer, you’ll need a lot of patience to wait in the long queue.

Nevertheless, you’ll be awarded for your patience a delicious matcha kakigoori that will melt in your mouth and delight your taste buds with its rich flavor.

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5. The Matcha Tokyo in Omotesando

This café is specialized in matcha, as you have probably figured out already after reading the name of the café.

The interior is very stylish and it blends well with the sophisticated area of Omotesando. My recommendation is the matcha soft cream and matcha latte (I usually have it with soy milk instead).

You can also add tapioca in your drinks and also enjoy a variety of Japanese traditional desserts with your beverage.

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These are my top 5 recommendations of Matcha specialized cafes in Tokyo and if you try any of the mentioned cafes’ matcha beverages or sweets, don’t forget to leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us!

By - cinnamonellie.