Seasonally-flavored treats are a driving force of any sweets lover in Japan. In the fall, that means lots and lots of sweet potato. Whether it's Frappuccinos that use whole candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato donuts, or McDonald's fries slathered in "witch's purple chocolate sauce", you can be sure to scratch your potato sweet tooth.

Popular cream puff chain Beard Papa (who once introduced drinkable cream puffs to vending machines) aren't letting the season slip buy, as they're now releasing what looks to be a delicious Roasted Sweet Potato Cream Puff.

The limited edition cream puffs are made using whole Naruto Kintoki, a sweet potato in Japan nicknamed the "King of Sweet Potatoes", and kneading them into the chain's custard cream. Because of the fluffy nature and particularly sweet flavor of Naruto Kintoki, Beard Papa's says biting into the new cream puffs is like stuffing their classic cream puffs with a baked potato.

The Roasted Potato Cream Puffs (Yakimo Shuu Cream) will be available at Beard Papa's stores throughout Japan from November 1st-30th for 230 yen. Perhaps they are best paired with the newly released drinkable sweet potatoes...

By - Big Neko.