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The most stunning and unique Starbucks coffee stores you can only find in Japan

The International coffee chain has been a huge hit globally, but in Japan, Starbucks is on a different scale.

Starbucks in Japan offers limited-time goods and drinks and before the start of a new season, the interior of the shop changes, and new seasonal beverages sold only for a limited period make their appearance.

Besides the multitude of creative flavors only available in Japan, the seasonal changes are one of the characteristics of the Starbucks here and get people excited every time. In Japan, there are quite a few outlets slightly different from what our perception of Starbucks is.

The stores focus on the design and they combine the history and culture; the architecture, too, is well-thought and the result is astonishing.

There are original Starbucks goods on sale that you can only purchase at those certain stores and if you ask me, an original Starbucks mug also makes a great souvenir.

Here is a list of some of the prettiest Starbucks branches in Japan:

1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo in Meguro

The world’s largest roastery was opened on the 28th of February,2019, and I had the opportunity of visiting it on the 27th together with many other reporters and writers. I was lucky enough to try out quite a few of their beverages and a variety of aperitifs made in collaboration with the Rocco Princi Bakery.

Tasting the baking artisans’ creations and the creative beverages, coffee brews, and tea blends while being surrounded by the mesmerizing scenery, a stunning interior and the coffee beans’ smell was probably the best experience of my life. The Roastery is gorgeous and has 4 floors, magical elements surrounding the place, and many signature creations.

If you are in Japan, you shouldn’t miss visiting it. However, be prepared for a long queue.

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2. Starbucks Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya

The Starbucks in Kyoto has as concept Japanese houses. The interior is very “wa” (Japanese) and when you go up to the 2nd floor, you will be amazed seeing a very relaxing tatami space.

The store uses a Japanese house that has over 100 years and the Japanese interior together with the Japanese garden and dry landscape contribute to the serene and relaxing atmosphere of this place. If you visit Kyoto, the Starbucks Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya is the ideal spot to have a great experience and enjoy a good brew.


3. Starbucks Coffee Kamakura in Onarimachi

Once the residence and studio of the manga artist Ryuichi Yokoyama, in this beautifully designed Starbucks, you can enjoy the scenery of all four seasons, discover the cartoonist’s art, sit on the wooden veranda and let yourself be captivated by the different and peaceful design this coffee shop has.


4. Starbucks Hirosaki Koenmae

Visually, this Starbucks is very different and has a retro feel to it. The retro atmosphere surrounding the shop is actually because the interior used to be the office and residence of the Japanese 8th division commander.

Set in one of Japan’s cultural assets, the retro and fashionable Starbucks in Hirosaki brings out the charm and culture of the city and it feels like a time slip back to the Taisho Era.


These are four of the unique Starbucks shops in Japan and I am sure any of the places introduced will go past your expectations, so don’t forget to visit them if you are around the area.

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