You may know Japanese gaming accessory brand for their ultimate gaming onesies that even feature toilet systems, but when they're not releasing comfortable roomwear, they're building gaming furniture such as the ultimate gaming bed.

Their latest furniture release is a multi-purpose desk and isolation tent meant to facilitate those working from home and holding online drinking parties as part of stay-at-home protocol in response to the coronavirus.

Bauhutte released the tent and desk pieces on April 30th, and describes the customizable command center as a means of making work from home and online drinking functions--a current popular trend in Japan--easier. The tent and desk are separate, and the desk consists of 12 modular "forms" that can be added on or left out.

The form of the desk can be customized for work purposes, or even turned into a bar space.

A guide to the prices of each piece per form can be found at Bauhutte's website. Depending on how you modify the desk and tent, you could be spending as little as 8,000 yen or as much as 162,000 yen! Those looking to customize their own telework and teledrinking space can order here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.