For the uninitiated, the winter season can be a harsh and cold one in Japan--particularly recently, where an especially heavy snow fall seemed to freeze over entire areas in Tokyo. Fortunately for Busao the cat, hunting for warmth and shelter on snow-blanketed streets is a thing of the past. That's because he's developed an intimate relationship with something that'll warm his feline heart forever.

Ryuji Tan took Busao in as a stray cat in Ibaraki, and tells us that he thinks Busao is about nine years old. As you can see from his impossibly delightful expression in each picture, Busao fits into his forever home quite well and has fallen head over paws in love with a heater! You can actually feel the warmth when you look at Busao's expressions of content, comfort, and even spiritual enlightenment as he huddles up against his sacred protector--and perhaps soulmate. Be sure to check out more of Busao's adorable daily warming habits on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Here are a hilarious examples!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.