Japanese gaming furniture and roomwear brand Bauhutte set out to make winter gaming hibernation a lot cozier last year with its "4G for Gamers" onesie, an all-in-one "wearable blanket" equipped with holes for headphones, controller access, and even it's own toilet system. With another holiday gaming season approaching, Bauhutte has released a new 2020 elastic model type fitted to turn gamers into comfy blobs in front of their monitors no matter the situation.

"Dame" translates to "no-good", and "gi" to "clothing", with the naming being a reference to how the cozy and consuming unisex suit can reduce even the most productive person to lounging around all day. Improvements to the new version are centered around providing a onesie for "every gaming style" in the winter. The suit is made of elastic velour fleece fabric to be less restrictive, and the top half uses less volume of it to provide ease of movement with ragian sleeves.

Meanwhile, the bottom half uses double the volume to keep you warm, but also features a "sarouel crotch" (so that movement of the arms doesn't yank against your bottom half) and adjustable free-foot system to make it easier to walk.

As with previous iterations of the Damegi, the new suit comes with adjustable slits for headphones, controllers, smartphones, and of course the most important duty of them all.

As modeled by popular cosplayer Moe Iori, the Damegi's mask can also be configured a number of ways.



Sold in medium (16,612 yen), large (15,044 yen), and extra large (16,032 yen) sizes can be purchased on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.