Back in January earlier this year before the Coronavirus shut down all public gatherings, including stage and music concerts, CAPCOM hosted the Mega Man or “Rockman” LIVE 2020. Basically, the concert was not only a totally rockin’ display of sweet jams we knew from the games we played as kids, playing the original game on the “NES”, but it was also a celebration of the entire series, putting the old together with the new. The members of the Special Rockman Band included some of the most talented composers in video game history!

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Throughout this difficult time of event cancellations and social distancing, some of the hardest-hit industries include the arts. Many musicians and live performers have found themselves suddenly out of work and have taken up live streaming to somehow make up for the loss of revenue or to purely help keep everyone’s spirits up.

In an effort to promote “STAY HOME” and other tips to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, the Rockman Special Band members recorded the “Dr.WILY STAGE 1” theme from their homes or studios in this amazing music video collage that features up to 18 separate video windows!

Throughout the video, several written messages are displayed that give helpful tips and reminders of how we can all work together to stay safe during this pandemic. Here’s a run-down of the messages:

Hey, everybody!
This may be sudden, but…
The new Coronavirus is trying to take over the world!

And we can’t let it!
Now is the time for everyone to come together and fight!

Enjoy this time at home!

Let’s all do our best and work together,
to protect the lives of our loved ones,
and for the day we can take off our masks
and laugh together once more!

Don’t assume you’re not sick!

Please follow “Social Distancing” recommendations
and keep at least 2m/6.5 feet apart!

Avoid these three:
enclosed spaces
crowded areas
direct contact with others

Wash your hands and use disinfectants!
Wear a mask!
Please be mindful of how you sneeze and cough!
Sleep and eat well to keep your immunities up!
Avoid crowds!
Don’t let misinformation fool you-- look for accurate information!

Don’t catch and pass the disease!!
Everyone’s continued effort will surely lead to a happy future…!

We are always connected!
We will prevail over the new Coronavirus!

Let’s get together again soon!!

Caption: To help draw attention to the concept of “STAY HOME”, the members of the Rockman Special Band from the concert earlier in January performed the “Dr.WILY STAGE 1” theme with the thought of “Let’s get together again!” We are always connected! Please take a look and help share this video!!


Rockman Special Band Members

Additional Performances and Appearances by:

Yomiuri TV / Harmonics International
RockmanLive Official ロックマンライブ2020[公式]

By - Terra Dragos.