Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner are known for their beautifully presented sweets. Sometimes their creations celebrate holidays, and other times they even take inspiration from new movie releases or popular characters.

In particular, they often produce charming nine-piece cake sets themed around some of Disney’s most beloved films. For Girls’ Day they came up with a gorgeous assortment of Disney Princess sweets. Now they’re welcoming the Japanese summer too, with a sportingly appropriate set.

The concept is ‘Disney Sports Festival’ and each mini dessert represents a different character and sport combined. Can you guess which ones just from looking at the cakes?

Starting from the top left, we have a cheese cream roll cake inspired by Daisy Duck and rhythmic gymnastics. Then in the middle is a Mickey and basketball themed chocolate and vanilla cream roll cake. On the right, a chocolate cream cake representing Pluto and running.

In the middle row, a Mickey-inspired rugby field has been made from a matcha cream sandwich cake. Then a strawberry cream tart uses elements of cheerleading to show support for team Mickey. For Goofy’s cake they went with an orange and chocolate cream tart featuring a soccer ball.

Combining Minnie Mouse and tennis, there’s a lemon cream and strawberry cream tart starting off the bottom row. Then a peach and lychee cream shortcake inspired by Donald Duck and swimming, and lastly, Mickey’s skateboard themed white chocolate cream and raspberry jelly tart.

The nine-piece dessert set comes in a cute ‘Mickey & Friends Team’ box featuring all the characters enjoying their various assigned sports.

The assortment costs 2700 yen and will be available in branches of Ginza Cozy Corner from 11th May until 21st June.

By - Jess.