When the term "retro" is mentioned in Japan, it's often in reference to the nostalgic charm and appeal of the Showa period (1926-1989). Perhaps once considered old fashioned, the era has been embraced recently as a call-back to the "good 'ol days" and everything from its vintage aesthetic to simple dishes are celebrated.

One such aspect of the Showa period that many still feel fondness for are traditional Japanese coffee shops (Starbucks Japan recently ran a limited campaign remodeling themselves as one), and particularly "jun-kissa", or "pure coffee shops" that serve only sweets and coffee. Now thanks to figure maker Ken Elephant, Showa fans can enjoy a series of capsule toys inspired by the classic jun-kissa dishes from five popular Tokyo coffee shops.

Pudding a la mode from Takase Yogashi in Ikebukuro.

Cream soda from Sabouru in Jimbocho.

Omelet rice from Cafe YOU in Higashi Ginza.

Blend coffee from Cafe Fuji in Shinbashi.

Pancakes form Pinocchio in Oyama.

The series are available at capsule toy machines throughout Japan, and come packaged with a pamphlet guide to the included cafes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.