As all cat owners know, it can be incredibly difficult to get a feline companion to cooperate with staging the perfect photo. Even when waving your hands and making beckoning noises, many cats lose patience staring at your phone for more than a moment.

Fortunately Japanese Twitter user Kenta Kuzuhara (@kuzzken) has thought of a simple but clever way to grab a cat's attention to exactly where it needs to be for a picture!

Source: @kuzzken

He recently shared the idea to Twitter saying "I've developed a system to definitely attract a cat's gaze."

What Kuzuhara attached to his phone with a clip is a cat treat, especially popular in Japan, called Ciao Churu. It's a squeezable tube of cat food puree that is popular because it lets you sort of play with a cat while feeding it, and the bewitching power it has over them. It's also famous for a particularly catchy jingle and adorable commercials that features cat videos submitted by their owners around the country.

He does admit the gag idea is inspired by the canine equivalent, Selfie Stix.

Still, as simple as the idea may be, it might help cat owners in a photo-op pinch when they don't want to wave a stuffed animal or can of food with their spare hand. It seems to work on Kuzuhara's cute cat, at least, as does spilling coffee beans.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.