Last year we learned of a project in which Japanese organization Imagine Oneworld, Inc. was working to promote the beauty and craftsmanship of the traditional Japanese kimono, while simultaneously striving to bring unity to the myriad cultures existing throughout the world. Fittingly named the Imagine Oneworld Kimono Project, the effort's aim is to make kimonos representing 196 countries by the year 2020, each possessing a design reflecting the unique cultures and characteristics of a specific country.

The organization has managed to make 55 originally designed kimonos thus far, but 141 kimonos are still yet to be made by the hands of skilled craftsmen in Japan. It's an arduous, costly feat, which is why Imagine Oneworld has newly established a crowdfunding page to collect funds necessary for the remainder of the project.

Republic of Korea





Viet Nam

The goal is set for a whopping 120 million yen (US$1.05 million), and collected funds will be directed towards kimono production and public exhibitions, among other uses. Imagine Oneworld expects a total of 500 million yen (US$4.4 million) to be necessary to complete the entire project, which makes us wholeheartedly hope for the success of their ambitious efforts.

Source: Campfire

Patrons can make contributions starting at 3,000 yen (US$26.35), and returns include iPhone cases, tumblers and nail stickers of the country designs, as well as more expensive rewards like exclusively designed wallets and table runners.

Source: Campfire

Source: Campfire

Source: Campfire

Head over to the project's crowdfunding page to make a contribution, or jump to our previous article and the Imagine Oneworld website to see if your country's design has already been revealed!

Watch the video below for an inside peek of the designing process:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.