Garigarikun is a standard in the frozen snack section of any Japanese convenience store or supermarket, and aside from the usual types of popsicles, loved by all, Garigarikun also has a reputation for debuting some more eccentric flavours. Rolled omelette for example.

They also sometimes deal in collaboration products, and they’ve got a brand new one in store thanks to the latest Pokemon movie. The new flavour is called 'Golden Pineapple', perhaps chosen for the yellow hue which bears resemblance to the most famous Pokemon of all time. It promises a refreshing taste with 33% pineapple juice and ice with finer grains than their usual popsicles.

Sadly, the actual film’s release has been postponed in Japan. In the meantime, if you’re pining for the chance to catch a rare creature, a wild opportunity has appeared. Delicious icy treats during the summer are surely their own reward, but there’s also a rarer treasure that can be nabbed by just a lucky few. Those who find a winning popsicle in their box will receive an exclusive Pokemon trading card, inspired by the Pokemon and Garigarikun collaboration.

The design of this elusive prize will be revealed on the official Twitter page of Akagi, the company behind Garigarikun, on 10th July.

The Pokemon-themed pineapple popsicles themselves will go on sale from 1st June.

By - Jess.