With the aim of making some high quality camping gear to appeal to intrepid Pokemon trainers, Pokemon Center has collaborated with Japanese outdoor brand Logos, coming up with ten items to make your next camping trip as Poke-tastic as possible.

The original design, which was created for this collaboration, is in a retro, pixellated style and features a lineup of first generation fan favourite Pokemon. Not just for camping, these useful products can be used while chilling in your garden, for a picnic or other outdoor events.

The range includes foldable deck chairs, in adorable matching adult and child sizes.

There’s also two different sizes of picnic sheets. To make your camping companions even more comfortable, a set of four sitting cushions are also available.

Comfort is necessary, but the most important thing for a successful outdoor camping is of course, food. Logos's Pokemon lineup has got it covered, with a basket, a cooler bag and even a cooler bag the perfect size for a bento lunch box.

The handy-looking portable table will also make dining outside that bit more luxurious, and that bit more Pokemon-themed.

The last item, which will be going on sale in August, later than the other stuff, will be useful for sun shy Pokemon trainers. A pop-up shade which is big enough to house two people, so they can catch Pokemon instead of those pesky UV rays.

If you think these items are perfect for your next Pokemon hunt, they can be found in Pokemon Centers across Japan, as well as the Pokemon Center online store.

By - Jess.