Pokémon airplane takes first flight in Japan

If you haven't heard, the Pokémon company has been teaming up with prefectures all over Japan to promote regional travel, a campaign that has been spearheaded by over 100 prefecture-exclusive Pokémon manhole covers installed throughout the country.

Miyazaki prefecture is one such region, and they have fully embraced their designated Pokémon mascot to the extent of making an airplane out of it.

Miyazaki prefecture recently announced Exeggutor as it's official favorite Pokémon and Poké-ambassador, a partnership (called the Exeggutor Resort) that has put the tropical Pokémon on manhole lids, a number of goods, and even public buses. The selection is rooted in the fact that Miyazaki is viewed a "hinata" (sunny place) destination in Japan with warm climate. Exeggutor also resembles Miyazaki's pride and joy, “Phoenix" palm trees--his coconut heads being a bonus representation of their many delicious fruits.

Now that partnership has made it's way to Miyazaki's local airline Solaseed Air. Last week Solaseed Air's Exeggutor Plane made it's first flight from Miyazaki to Tokyo, with lucky passengers given a number of celebratory gifts.

The planes also feature the Pokémon's Aloan form.

Obviously with incoming travel stalled by the ongoing pandemic, it'll be hard to catch a flight unless you're already in Japan. The Exeggutor flight will continues to fly for roughly a year and a half, however, so hopeful Pokémon air travelers have some time.

By - Big Neko.