There have been quite a few interesting food-themed bath salt ideas from Japan, including Colonel's Recipe KFC-scented bath bombs. Japanese twitter user and creative artist Ima imasen (@404hzl)'s latest idea doesn't actually exist, but it may be better than anything on the market: a croquette bath salt case that appears as if it's frying in oil when placed in a bath!

"A croquette shaped bath case. When you put it in a bath, it looks like it's being fried in oil."

The cute and clever design is inspired by Japanese croquettes (or Korokke) a fan-favorite fried snack found in nearly every convenience store and supermarket that come in many varieties.

Ima imasen's concept works by introducing a realistic looking croquette case that you insert a bath salt or bomb into.

Source: @404hzl

When dropped into a bath tub, the bubbles produced by the dissolving bath salt seep through an opening in the case, surrounding it and making the croquette look as if it's being fried in a batch of oil!

Source: @404hzl

As you might imagine, many replies to the original Tweet are from people clamoring for the design to be realized. While there's nothing official, sometimes Japanese companies look two clever designs on Twitter for inspiration, so maybe there is hope for a croquette bath in the future.

This isn't Ima imasen's first creative design. You can find more awesome work (like this adorable fried rice flip book below) on their website or follow on Twitter!

By - Big Neko.