Traditionally worn in Japan to events like festivals and firework displays, the yukata is a type of light, summer kimono. Yukata season is fast approaching so if you want to sport one to your local matsuri (and your local matsuri is actually going ahead) it’s time to start thinking about what look to go for.

It can be difficult to choose since yukata come in all manner of patterns and colours, ranging from classic floral patterns to more contemporary designs. You can even get crossover patterns including famous characters, like these stylish offerings from Japan’s online Disney shop, which combine some of their most famous movies with a traditional Japanese vibe.

Nothing says Disney quite like the animation studio's most recognisable symbol, Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s yukata has a white base with black, red and yellow motifs. The round-eared Mickey Mouse symbol has been used along with the more traditional print of plum blossom flowers for a modern and stylish Japanese culture and Disney mash up.

The Alice in Wonderland inspired design has a unique pattern including the talking flowers that Alice encounters on her adventure, and a silhouette of the titular character herself.

The obi (the sash tied in a bow around the middle) also has a subtle and elegant character design, using the Cheshire Cat for the Alice yukata, and for the Mickey Mouse one his iconic symbol can be seen again. The obi’s bow is also pre-tied, making it perfect for kimono beginners.

There’s kids' traditional wear coming out too, with character designs based around Elsa from Frozen and various characters from Toy Story.

This summer lineup will be released, along with various traditional accessories, on 9th June on Japan’s official Disney Shop website.

By - Jess.