Susaki city's icon Chiitan is one of the most globally recognizable Japanese mascots going today, gaining fame for having an intense feud with British comedian John Oliver. Outside of that, though, Chiitan is most known for being a Japanese "yuru kyara" (gentle character) who constantly finds new ways to injure himself in chaotic stunts.

Chiitan is taking a break from his usually scheduled antics today, though. In an effort to explain the racial strife and suffering in the United States, Chiitan has made a video addressing the current reaction to the killing of George Floyd, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Although Chiitan maintains his adorable mannerisms, the video is particularly important because Chiitan specifically and emotionally addresses Black Lives Matter and encourages support and donation to the cause of healing the suffering experienced by black people in the United States--a stance not commonly taken by public figures in Japan.

Here is the video in full.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.