If you’re a diehard Pokemon fan who likes to wear their love of the series on their sleeve (or any other parts of their clothing), Pokemon Shirts is a collaboration product presented by Original Stitch that is perfect for you. They create smart shirts, and some are so subtle that they can even be worn to work, or seamlessly incorporated into a stylish and modern outfit. Their awesome original patterns encompass a massive range of Pokemon, from fan favourites to the more obscure.

They’ve been slowly adding more Pokemon to their repertoire since launching the first generation designs. Now instead of expanding their Pokemon lineup, they’re trying out a new style of shirt for the summer.

While the previous shirts mainly focused on the design of the fabric, these polo shirts give fans the chance to add awesome embroidery of the first 151 Pokemon.

Or you can opt to make the patterned Pokemon fabric as a breast pocket.

Another fun touch is Pokeball buttons.

Since like the other lineups, the polo shirt range is fully customisable, you can create your perfect shirt, suitable for whatever occasion you’re thinking of. If you want to wear it to work you can do away with the Pokeball buttons and opt for a small design on the sleeve. If you just want to make a wearable tribute to your fave, you can go all out. Other features such as base fabric colour and sleeve length are also up to you.

They can be designed and ordered, along with the company’s other ranges, on the Pokemon Shirts website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.