There’s a much cuter alternative to the zombie apocalypse waiting for you annually in the Yokohama’s Minato Mirai harbor of Japan: The Pikachu Outbreak Festival!

That’s right—over the period of a week, the city was swarmed by over a thousand Pikachus, who electrified event-goers with street performances, dances, and a variety of other adorable promotional activities.

Titled “Wanna dance? The Pikachu Outbreak Fair!” (Odoru? Pikachu Tairyou Hasseichu) ran this year from August 8th-16th, and has become an annual tradition in Yokohama, home of Japan’s longest running Pokemon Center store. Anyone planning a summer trip to Japan may want to keep their eye out for the yearly event, as it is sure to be a fun experience for pokemon-lovers and those seeking a warm furry hug alike! Enjoy some snips and clips of the festival!

Here are some dancing and marching Pikachus!

There is even an official Pikachu dance, that many idol groups and pop stars have practiced dancing on the event's official website. Here you can watch the Up Up Girls try their hand at it!

And here we can witness the Pika Hulu in all its glory!

In the true maritime spirit of Yokohama, Sailor Pikachus joined in on the fun!

As you can see, Pikachu's cuddly reach spreads throughout the city--decoarating vehicles and even the train station!

Well, that will wrap up our brief check in at this year's festivities. Hopefully one day you can experience the festival for yourself. Don't forget to bring your Pokeball!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.