Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Entertainment District Arc has finally come to an end. Do you find yourself missing the characters and their company?

Don’t worry! ホテルニューオータニ hoteru nyū ōtani (officially written in English as "Hotel New Otani Tokyo"), one of the "three great hotels" of Tokyo, is running a limited-time collaboration with Demon Slayer including accommodations in specially decorated rooms, original goods and a special menu at the "Tower Restaurant" in the Garden Tower until March 31st.

The restaurant campaign’s name is 鬼の来ないレストラン oni no konai resutoran (the restaurant where demons don’t come). During the campaign, guests can enjoy various dishes and mocktails inspired by Demon Slayer.

Colorful mocktails

These two beautiful mocktails are limited to the month of February. The white and purple mocktail with flowers on the left is a Shinobu Kochō 胡蝶しのぶ themed mocktail. It is made from milk, coconuts, pineapple, and herb tea. This mocktail expresses her elegance perfectly.

The theme for the vivid sky-blue mocktail on the right is 凪 nagi (dead calm), the 11th form of Water Breathing. Fans of the show will know this as the special form invented by Giyū Tomioka 冨岡義勇. Believe it or not, the flavor of the drink is peach and orange. The cool blue appearance with white bubbles is very fitting for Giyū.

They also offer other mocktails inspired by Tanjirō Kamado 竈戸炭次郎, Nezuko Kamado 竈戸禰豆子, Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸, and Inosuke Hashibira 嘴平伊之助. Can you guess which one belongs to which character?

February food menu

Did you know that Tengen Uzui 宇随天元, the Sound Pillar who fought in the Yoshiwara Entertainment District Arc, likes pufferfish? The dish on the left is a tapa featuring pufferfish! The color combination of the white and red looks like Tengen’s hairband and the makeup around his left eye.

The meatball in the dish on the right expresses the big rock which Tanjiro had to split to gain the right to take the entrance exam to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Other popular menu items

The restaurant also has popular menu items which they introduced in January when their collaboration with Demon Slayer began. The dish on the left is udon noodles which Tanjirō ate in Asakusa in episode 7.

As for the meat on the top right, if you’re a true Demon Slayer fan, you should be able to guess which character inspired this dish.

Yes, it's the powerful man with a boar head mask, Inosuke!

On the bottom right are pork cutlet sandwiches. The kanji branded on the bread, 絆 kizuna, means “bond.” If you watched the Natagumo Mountain Arc in Demon Slayer, you probably remember hearing this Japanese word. That's because that 絆 kizuna is what Rui 塁, the primary antagonist, had always wanted to acquire. He was desperate enough to tell Tanjirō: “The bond between your sister and you is genuine. I really want such a bond, so if you give me your younger sister, I won’t kill you.”

Amazing night view and decorations

The restaurant is on the 40th floor, and the night view is amazing! Gaze at the beautiful Tokyo Tower together with two familiar Demon Slayer characters! The cute character on the left is Mitsuri Kanroji 甘露路蜜璃, the Love Pillar, and the character with the mysterious atmosphere on the right is Muichirō Tokitō 時透 無一郎, the Mist Pillar.

Neither of them have had major roles in the story so far, but they will have a big part to play in the next arc, the Swordsmith Village Arc!

Of course, other characters are there too! They are panels of characters dressed like hotel staff, a chef, and waiters. This is a rare opportunity to see Demon Slayer characters not dressed in their corps uniforms!

This is a fantastic restaurant where you can enjoy colorful mocktails, delicious food, and these very unique characters in special outfits together with a nice view of Tokyo! What a perfect place for Demon Slayer fans!

Check out all the details, including original goods, and visit the restaurant!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).