It’s been almost seven years since our tv screens were overrun by flesh-eating giants that go by the name of “titan”, and as the end draws near, the anticipation for an exciting finish to hit anime show, Attack on Titan (hereafter A.o.T) has heightened amongst fans. As the final season gets ready to drop this autumn, the hype has been fueled further by the official trailer which was released at the end of last month.

One of Japan’s most successful anime shows of all time, the series is based on the manga of the same name and is written by Hajime Isayama. The show premiered on the 7th of April 2013 and was an instant success with the crowds. After a couple of delays, season two came out four years later, but the wait was worth it, and the show was once again ranking as number one.

A.o.T has been hailed continuously for its high-quality artwork and well thought out plot and has continued to intrigue and shock viewers since it’s initial release all those years ago.

The trailer has gained almost 6.5 million views on youtube, making it the overall most-watched trailer of the series. In true A.o.T style, the trailer leaves us craving more, with a few spoilers thrown in here and there to keep fans on the edges of their seats as they await the upcoming final season.

But despite the suspense, some fans have questioned whether four seasons can bring the brim-filled show to the dignified end that it so deserves, with a few believing that the show’s quality may take a hit if the storyline is rushed to an ending. In the past, huge questions have been left unanswered, and nobody is a fan of uncertainty.

Further fueling the fears, this year’s season has changed production hands and will be produced by the anime studio MAPPA, instead of Wit Studio – this isn’t necessarily a bad move, with MAPPA heading a multitude of popular anime series, but it could be considered a risky move for consistency to change production studios in the final season of a show.

Nonetheless, Isayama seems to be happy with the decision to switch studios, saying “I will see the animation of “Attack on Titan” through to the end. I would like to thank the readers and show viewers for their support over the years.

We have been producing the series for over 10 years, and although it has been a long time, I would like to thank Araki, Wit Studio and all the “drawing corps” illustrators for all the happy memories! I am looking forward to continuing the production of “Attack on Titan” with Director Yuichiro Hayashi and the other MAPPA staff, and can’t wait to see what wonderful memories await!”

New director Hayashi ensures anxious viewers that there will be no drop in quality and that to make the move go as smoothly as possible he has been working closely with former director, Tetsuro Araki. Araki has confirmed this on the same site.

In addition to the trailer release, makers of the show have announced that a special rendition of all existing 59 episodes will be broadcasted for a limited time as a film titled, “Attack on Titan: Chronicle”, from the 17th of July.

The fourth and final season of A.o.T will be broadcasted by NHK General this autumn, keep up to date with the show's latest news as it unravels on the final season website or on the A.o.T’s official twitter feed.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.