Japan is no stranger to extreme foods, from the super long snacks you can find on Harajuku's Takeshita Street, to the supersize bubble teas touted by boba stands. Another contender for attention of big eaters is an interesting spot called 'Chubby Airlines'.

With the slightly jarring concept of an airline company, ‘Chubby Airlines’ claims to be both cute and delicious. Like an airline connects different countries, the restaurant connects their customers to the world of deliciousness, with the tagline 'kawaii is high calorie'.

The ordering counter is styled as a ‘check-in counter’ where you can order your chosen calorific treats.

Chubby Airlines’ main target market is girls and young women who are on the lookout for photogenic spots to eat for maximum Instagrammability.

The star of the menu is the ‘Mugen Chicken’, ‘mugen’ meaning limitless or infinite. This sizeable piece of fried chicken is about 15cm long, so the ‘infinite’ moniker doesn’t refer to the size, which is demonstrably not infinite, but the ‘mugen’ seasoning powder, which is so addictive that it makes the consumer want to continue eating for eternity.

This addictive ‘mugen' taste can also be found in various menu items, including fries and churros which are available with a range of other flavours and dips.

This eye-poppingly neon restaurant is located in Ikspiari, a shopping complex next to Tokyo Disneyland. Check out their website for full menu, location and opening times!

By - Jess.