McDonald's Japan has been on a roll with seasonal releases lately, including their first ever rice burgers and the questionably named Adult Creampies. Now they're tapping into the past of early Japan's warriors with their latest release, the Samurai Mac.

The Samurai Mac is a release of two "samurai-themed" burgers, each representing a feuding samurai faction. On the left is the Wild Faction's roasted soy sauce double thick beef burger, and the right is the roasted soy sauce bacon thick tomato burger of the Selfish Faction. The "samurai" flavor comes from the rich soy sauce based sauce, as well as the promotional efforts of samurai television actor Masato Sakai. McDonald's Japan is marketing the Samurai Mac as a burger with a taste meant to satisfy adults.

Both Samurai Mac burgers will be available throughout Japan from April 8th until the middle of June.

By - Big Neko.