Some people just can't get enough of mayonnaise. There's even a name for mayo-holics in Japanese: マヨラー mayorā. Although it's common in Japan to see mayonnaise drizzled on top of okonomiyaki savory pancakes or takoyaki octopus dumplings, the most hardcore mayorā will have no qualms slathering their favorite condiment on everything from pizza, spaghetti, instant ramen, plain white rice, even on custard pudding, cakes and other desserts.

You could even be forgiven to think that a mayorā would be happy just drinking mayonnaise right out of the squeeze bottle (which is the way it's typically sold in Japan).

A typical Japanese mayonnaise squeeze bottle | kai / © PIXTA

Come to think of it, that's probably a line even a mayorā wouldn't cross.

So, imagine your surprise if you saw your friend tuck into a tasty-looking dish of okonomiyaki, then suddenly picking up the bottle of mayo next to him and begin chugging it!

If that sounds like a fun gag you'd like to try, then you may be interested in a soda from beverage maker Cheerio's なんちゃって Nanchatte (which can be loosely translated as "just kidding") series, a gag series of sodas which look like things you'd never want to drink.

For example, their popular Nanchatte Orange looks for all intents and purposes like a bottle of soy sauce:

The なんちゃってクリームソーダ Nanchatte Cream Soda, is cream soda which has the color of mayonnaise and is packed in what looks like a bottle of mayonnaise. Fortunately, for those who enjoy cream soda, what it doesn't have in common with the popular condiment is its texture and taste.

Nanchatte Cream Soda isn't new but Cherio is bringing it back for all you gag-lovers and mayorā who wish they could actually chug a bottle of mayo for real.

You'll be able to find Cherio's Nanchatte Cream Soda in 430 ml bottles at convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets throughout Japan from today, June 15th, 2020.

By - Ben K.