One of the most popular kinds of popsicles in Japan and a favorite during summer is the スイカバー suika bā, literally a "watermelon bar." Like the one pictured below, they usually have a triangle shape like a slice of watermelon with a layer of melon-flavored ice at the base for the rind and watermelon-flavored ice for the rest, studded with chocolate chips for the seeds.

fubar | © PIXTA

Twitter user うめ Ume (@umemememumem) discovered an unusual product at a supermarket in Kyoto Prefecture.

It was called 生スイカバー nama suika bā, or "fresh" watermelon bar. As you can see, they aren't entirely wrong:

"Well, of course it is..."

Reproduced with permission from うめ Ume (@umemememumem)

Just as it does in English, the Japanese word バー "bar" is usually reserved for chocolate bars or bar-shaped products found in the freezer section which you hold with a stick. However, strictly speaking, it only means something in the shape of a bar. Therefore, while they're obviously making a joke about it, their "fresh watermelon bar" is the fresh watermelon equivalent of the popsicle.

The rind was cut to ressemble the popsicle stick, so it really looked just like a suika bā!

According to Ume, it was selling well...

This interesting product elicited a lot of feedback, such as "The way they cut is professional," and "It's not a mistake, but it's something different."

At the very least, you can say that this supermarket has a healthy sense of humor. And if you don't have suika bā where you live, now you know how you can make your own "fresh" version!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.