On September 29th, 2022, Timraz Rejava, Georgia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Japan posted a surprising Tweet. Without the photo, the post would have been highly problematic, since it was accompanied by the Japanese sentence: "The moment I bribed a VIP."

The photo, however, makes it amply clear that "bribe," in this case, is in no way associated with any kind of improper action on the part of His Excellency, but rather an adorable joke:

Ambassador Rejava was "bribing" a cute girl in a kimono by giving her a Japanese snack.

Many Japanese people will instantly recognize the shape and purple and gold color of the snack as ルモンド Lumonde, a crispy layered crepe cookie with a cocoa cream coating. One of the Bourbon Corporation's most popular products, Lumonde was developed for the company's 50th anniversary in 1974 and has been enjoyed by kids young and old ever since.

The young VIP in the photo seems to be very pleased at receiving the snack, as she beams a smile at Ambassador Rejava who respectfully leans down to her height when he presents it to her with both hands.

If all VIPs are entertained with Lumonde when they visit the Embassy of Georgia, it's not difficult to imagine that they would smile too.

The post was widely shared on Twitter and elicited many comments, such as:

  • "This incident... is just too cute! I laughed."
  • "Bribing the little lady with Lumonde, I see. His Excellency has good taste!"
  • "Bribing? Is it a serious situation?! lol In return, you've been given a very nice smile."
  • "Japanese sweets can surely charm children all over the world."

Ambassador Rejava's wonderful sense of humor shines through in this post, which not only entertained netizens but also perhaps helped promote a delicious Japanese snack in the process.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.