Two of the biggest international anime franchises are getting the Casio G-SHOCK treatment this summer. Both models are based on the GA-110 series. With its bold design and large face, it's one of Casio's most popular variants within the G-SHOCK lineup.

One Piece G-SHOCK

This watch expresses the exciting world of One Piece in every detail. With a bold black, white and red background, the entire watch is dynamically designed with illustrations of the main character Luffy becoming stronger. The small inner dial at 9 o'clock has the motif of Luffy's straw hat, and the letters "WANTED" are at 3 o'clock. When the hour hand and the minute hand point to 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock respectively, the X-shaped scar on Luffy's chest is revealed.

In addition, you'll find the "G-SHOCK x ONE PIECE" logo on the back cover as well as the special storage box which comes with it.

  • Price: 26,400 JPY plus tax
  • Goes on sale: July 2020

Dragon Ball Z G-SHOCK

This model expresses the world of "Dragon Ball Z" both through its coloring and design. The entire watch body and strap are boldly designed in black and orange, with illustrations of Son Goku training and developing his powers, along with the letters DRAGON BALL running across the strap. Gold accents feature strongly in the dial and the logo. The inner dial at 9 o'clock has the familiar 4-starred Dragon Ball motif, and a "Z" at 3 o'clock. The "Dragon Ball Z" logo is also found on the special storage box as well as on the back cover.

  • Price: 26,400 JPY plus tax
  • Goes on sale: August 2020

For more technical details about the GA-110 watch series in English, you can visit Casio's international site here.

By - Ben K.