Where's the Wasabeef?

Those who visited a Gusto family restaurant last year may recall the Wasabeef fries on the menu. In fact, we'd be surprised if they didn't. Bursting with the flavor of wasabi and beef, the collaboration menu created by the Skylark group (which operates Gusto) and Yamayoshi Seika's ever-popular Wasabeef potato chips were an instant hit, with many rave reviews showing up on social media. For example:

Today, I dined at Gusto and found this! They've completely recreated the taste of Wasabeef (chips)! This would go so well with a drink! I was driving so I couldn't but... If you see it, it's worth ordering!

No wonder they included it in their Yamitsuki Potato やみつきポテト ("addictively good" fries) series.

Fortunately for those who love the taste of wasabi, beef and fries, Gusto has decided to bring them back!

Gusto's Wasabeef Fries

This time, instead of serving it with the flavorful Wasabeef powder already coating the fries, they're adding an extra element of fun to the experience by serving the fries with a packet of powder and a shake bag for you to customize and coat the fries at your table (or at home if you order it for takeout or delivery).

Doing it this way offers an additional advantage. If you leave some of the powder in the packet, you can sprinkle it on top of other Gusto dishes for a delicious extra kick of wasabi and beef.

Cheese-in Wasabeef Hamburger Steak

For example, here's Gusto's famous cheese-in-hamburger steak plate with the extra zing of wasabi and even more beef flavor:

Wasabeef Corn Mayo Pizza

If you're someone who doesn't mind corn and mayo on pizza, then maybe you'll also appreciate the combination of flavors imparted by a sprinkle of Wasabeef powder. Sweet corn, creamy mayonnaise, beef and wasabi in every bite!

Just take that Wasabeef packet and shake it on anything on the menu. The possibilities are endless.

The やみつきポテト わさビーフ味 Yamitsuki Potato Wasabeef Flavor fries cost 399 JPY (499 JPY for delivery) and are available at Gusto locations throughout Japan from June 18th for a limited time.

By - Ben K.