All it took was one alcoholic mad scientist rant on Rick and Morty to awaken a worldwide craving for McDonald's previously released Chicken McNuggets Szechuan Sauce, and while that itch has yet to be scratched, McDonald's Japan will for at least a limited time be offering some new interesting nugget dipping sauces. In a new "parent and child" Chicken McNugget campaign, those who can make it to McDonald's in Japan during the release will have a chance to sample two new flavors: Adult Wasabi Mayonnaise and Naughty Teriyaki Mayonnaise.

With releases like the Sakura McFlurry and pumpkin and chocolate French fries in the past, McDonald's Japan has always been a fan of seasonal items and tapping into Japanese flavors for their menu. For this Spring, the two classic Japanese flavors of wasabi and teriyaki will be mixed with a mayonnaise base for nuggets dipping sauces. If you aren't a huge fan of mayonnaise but haven't had Japanese mayo before, you may still be able to handle it. Japanese mayonnaise uses egg yolks and apple or rice vinegar for a more mellow taste compared to it's American counterpart (whole eggs, distilled vinegar, sugar, and salt).

The two flavors are Adult Wasabi Mayonnaise (Otona Wasabi Mayo) and Naughty Teriyaki Mayo (Wanpaku Teriyaki Mayo), the former promising the the refreshing butspicy kick of Japanese horseradish, but toned down a bit by a sweetness and umami provided by the mayo base to make it friendly for kids and those not so big on wasabi. The Teriyaki variant, meanwhile, has a rich and tangy flavor of gingery soy sauce mixed with mayonnaise.

The campaign theme of "parent and child" Chicken McNuggets stems from promotion featuring two characters, the Phantom Nugget Thief and his son, Chibi Nugget Thief. Here's a video where they challenge you to catch them and their prized chicken nuggets and sauces.

The sauces will be available with any order of Chicken McNuggets, but you can get both packets and a 15-piece Chicken McNugget set marked down to the price of 390 yen ($3.57 USD). As a limited release, they nugget sauces will be available between April 26th and May 16th. Because of this, McDonald's Japan is marketing them as a Golden Week holiday treat, with both domestic and foreign travelers eating on the go.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.