For those of you who were around in Japan or visited Japan any time between 1990 and 2002, you might remember ordering a bacon potato pie at McDonald's. With a crispy crust and the taste of smoky real bacon, chock full of piping hot potato and chopped onion in a creamy filling, it was a great way to warm up in the colder months of autumn and winter. As one of McDonald's Japan's most popular pies, second only to the apple pie, the bacon potato pie was hugely popular when they brought it back for a limited time last year.

Now that October is here and temperatures are beginning to dip, McDonald's has decided to give it another run, but this time with a clever twist. The beloved classic is no longer called "Bacon Potato Pie" but "Hahon Hohaho Hie" (ヘーホンホヘホハイ in Japanese). In a humorous stroke of marketing genius, McDonald's has found a way to enhance our anticipation with a name that simulates the way you would pronounce the pie after taking your first hot, tasty bite!

In case you're wondering how to pronounce it, this video gives you a good idea:

For only 150 yen, you can get your hands on your very own Hahon Hohaho Hie from October 4 until the end of the month at all McDonald's locations nationwide. Smiles and giggles are sure to break out at the cash register when people try to pronounce it. And for those who would rather not risk mispronouncing it or have an aversion to this kind of humor, McDonald's Japan assures readers on its campaign page that you can also order it as "Bacon Potato Pie."

Twitter users can also enter a campaign to get a special Hahon Hohaho Hie-themed iPhone case.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.