Is your dad the very best? Like no dad ever was? Well, then he deserves only the best this Father’s Day. And what could be better than a selection of gifts from Japan’s Pokemon Centres that will capture the heart of your Poke-pops?

The Pokemon Centre in Japan is a great place to pick up gifts for any occasion, Father’s Day included. With wall after wall of Pokémon plushies, clothing, stationery, household goods, and more, there’s a perfect Pokemon-themed present waiting for every dad.

We’ve put together this article to show off some of the great dad-friendly merchandise available in Pokemon Centres across Japan. After reading, you’ll surely be ready to pika-choose the perfect present for any Pokemon papa.

Make your Father’s Day with these Pokemon Presents

Earlier this month, the Pokemon Centre Japan’s official twitter tweeted some Father’s Day gift inspiration. Click the link in the tweet above to see everything they recommend! But before that, check out our recommendations below (they even include some items not mentioned in the Father’s Day tweet!).

Pokemon Camping Goods

What dad doesn’t love a spot of camping. Well, now you can take your dad’s forest adventures to the next level with the Pokemon Centre’s camping goods. The collection features picnic blankets, cooking utensils, cooler bags, and more. All goods are decorated with a special Pokemon camping theme.

These limited edition goods were released on May 30th, 2020 in a partnership between the Pokemon Centre and Japanese outdoor goods manufacturer, LOGOs. If your dad’s a camping fan, we recommend buying these ASAP before they sell out!

  • Price: ¥1100 - ¥6000
  • Pokemon Centre Online Link

Pokemon Business Socks

Is your dad getting fed up of wearing the same old business suit, day in and day out? Does his office life look like it needs a little sparkle? Well, the Pokemon Centre’s fashionable Pikachu business socks are just the thing to give your dad's feet some flash. The socks come in a range of styles, including black, navy and argyle, and all feature a stylish Pikachu logo on the side.

  • Price: ¥440 (inc. tax)
  • Pokemon Centre Online Link

Pokemon Cookies

Dad’s are sometimes stereotyped as beer-swilling, savory snack scoffers. In Japan especially, the image of ojisan, middle-aged men, relaxing in Japanese pubs with a beer and some salty snacks - otsumami, is particularly pervasive. But, we all know dads are sweet-toothed creatures at heart. So, a box of delicious Pokemon cookies from the Pokemon centre will no doubt make their Father’s Day!

The “Pikachu Leaf Cookies” recommended by the Pokemon Centre certainly Pika’d our interest. Shaped like a Leaf Stone used to evolve grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon games, each cookie consists of melt in the mouth biscuit, a layer of chocolate cream in the centre and flaked almonds on top. These leaf stone cookies are more likely to devolve your dad into an unstoppable munchlax on Father’s Day!

  • Price: ¥1296 (inc. tax)
  • Pokemon Centre Online Link

Pokemon T-Shirts

The Pokemon Centre has a wide selection of t-shirts featuring awesome, limited edition designs. The Pokemon Centre in bustling Shibuya ward, Tokyo has a funky graffiti art line of T-Shirts perfect for the “cool” dads out there. The colorful designs feature Metwo and Rayquazza, some of the Pokemon series’ most fearsome legendary pokemon. These shirts are the ideal gift to let your dad know he’s a legend too.

  • Price: ¥3850 (inc. tax)
  • Pokemon Centre Online Link

Snorlax Slippers

Our final recommendation for a Father’s Day gift is for those dads who really need to take a load off and spend the day vegging out and napping on the couch: Snorlax slippers!

The Pokemon Centre’s awesome Snorlax slippers look just like big fluffy Snorlax feet. Giving these to your dad is giving him a lifetime of happy feet!

  • Price: ¥2750 (inc. tax)
  • Pokemon Centre Online Link

For anyone living in or visiting Tokyo, check out our guide to the Pokemon Centres in Japan’s capital here, so you can start shopping for Father’s Day.

By - Toby M.