Just this week, the annual Pikachu Parade has opened in Yokohama city, with 1000 of Pikachu wobbling and dancing through the streets. Hundreds of visitors came by and waited for their favorite yellow Pokemon to show up, so they can receive a big fluffy hug from them.



However, many Pokemon fans freaked out when their beloved Pikachu turned around.

What?? Pikachu duplicate? Who are you???

Wait a second..! It’s the rare Pokemon Ditto!

Ditto is unlike any other Pokemon, this little dude can copy and transform into any types of Pokemon, except for his face, which is a dead give-away.

The fan who got freaked out when he turned around did recognize him immediately and yelled out“ Oh! You are Ditto!!” Ditto silently shook his head saying “No.” But when someone recognizes him as Pikachu, he seems to be super hyped.

Well, Pokemon fans, if Ditto wants to declare himself as Pikachu, just let it be, don’t blow his cover. All he wants is to adapt and be part of the awesome party event. We wish to see you next year, but perhaps don't walk out too freely in public, so kids won't get nightmares.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.