There's a big of an image of fascinating digital signage in Tokyo, particularly on the tower buildings outside of major stations. Last year, the new 154.7 square meter digital rooftop ad space Cross Shinjuku Vision became the king of those, displaying a super lifelike giant 3-D calico cat that has become the digital mascot of the area. It really does look like a giant cat has taken up residence across from Shinjuku station and now prowls the rooftops.

Dog lovers were treated to their own version of the jaw-dropping display, this was a giant 3-D Akita dog bustling with energy above Shibuya's famous scramble cross walk, an ode to Hachiko, the loyal dog mascot of the area.

Not to be outdone, the Cross Shinjuku Vision is lending its space to a number of feline Pokémon for the next month. Displayed with an an impressive sound system, 4K image quality and 3-D imagery created using curved LED screens, the space is now featuring giant realistic versions of Meowth (regular, Galarian, and Alolan varieties), as well as Litten, Skitty, Glameow, Purrloin, and Espurr!

The collaboration was launched on August 8th as a celebration of International Cat Day, with no place better to hold festivities than the home of Shinjuku's famous feline.

The visual celebration will run until September 5th, and in the meantime players of Pokémon GO will be encountering cat-type Pokémon at a higher rates around the billboard.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.