"Okiagari Koboshi" is a traditional craft from Aizu, Fukushima. It's a toy that, when you try to tip it over, it stands back up again.

Now, they collaborate with "Barbapapa", a well-known character from French children books. And the result is surprisingly impressive!

It's quite amazing how items from two different countries and culture matches so well!

To make this toy, it uses recycled pulp from paper cranes that were donated from across the world to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Each and every one of them is made by hand, so what you get is truly original item.

Some of the proceeds go to Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome preservation fund and Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami children's fund.

They come in 3 sizes: Small (1,200 yen), Medium (2,600 yen), Large (3,800 yen).

And here's the toy in action:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.