Who’d have thought that a card from a parcel delivery company could cause so much trouble? Instagram user Tomoshikaida recently got home to find a card from the Yamato Transport delivery company waiting for him. He got quite a shock when he looked at the sender’s name. In the space where you might expect to find the name of a family member or friend was written the word ‘Mistress.’

the card says that the parcel is from 愛人 aijin, the Japanese word for ‘mistress’ or ‘lover’ | Tomoshikaida

“That Yamato delivery guy has really dropped me in it this time,” thought Tomoshikaida. When he posted pictures of the card, he didn’t let on who the parcel was from, but whoever it was clearly has a good sense of humour, as well as nerves of steel. One thing’s for sure, however: Tomoshikaida’s wife mustn't have seen the funny side.

Of course, when the hapless delivery man filled out the card to tell Tomoshikaida that he’d missed a delivery, he had no choice but to faithfully copy out the name the sender had written on the parcel. It must have been pretty embarrassing for him too.

Chances are that, until he got to Tomoshikaida’s house, he’d been spending the day filling out ‘while you were out’ cards with innocuous-sounding names like ‘Mr. Saito’, ‘Mrs. Yamada’ and ‘the Yoshida family.’

Or maybe he had a good laugh filling out Tomoshikaida’s card? Who knows? Personally, I like to think that he wrote ‘Mistress’ thinking it was just another family name.

Let’s hope whoever sent Tomoshikaida the parcel just got his name and address confused with someone else’s. This is just one of a series of funny and/ or embarrassing parcels, letters, and messages that Yamato staff have handled over the years.

By - George Lloyd.