With the sweltering heat and humidity of summer bearing down on Japan these days, enjoying some ice-cold beer after a hard day's work sounds like an attractive proposition. And if you can find a place which serves authentic German beer which meets the Reinheitsgebot beer purity law, served fresh from the barrel, that's an even better reason to visit. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, going to a crowded gastropub where social distance is difficult to maintain isn't exactly the safest proposition these days.

For the beer-loving residents of Ageo City in Saitama Prefecture, however, a safe alternative is about the present itself.

On August 20th, Mavericks Beer Station opens its doors, and along with it a delivery service through which you can get cold barrel-fresh German Reinheitsgebot-approved beer delivered to your door in under an hour. According to their research, they'll be the first in the world to do it. Of course, you can also have a whole range of tasty dinner selections that go great with beer delivered to you as well.

Mavericks Beer Station has a dedicated filling machine made in cooperation with a Russian filling machine maker, enabling them to sell barreled beer by weight. To create the delivery service, they began by evaluating various bottle manufacturers from around the world and finally decided on specialized growler jugs from Munich, Germany. These growler jugs are delivered, then collected by the driver after your meal, washed in a custom-designed original washing machine, then dried, in a safe, sanitary and environmentally friendly cycle.

The bottles are filled once orders are received, placed in special cold bags, then delivered by the drivers. By consistently performing everything from filling to delivery, they have achieved a reliable quality control method and a quick delivery system. Within 60 minutes of ordering, cold beer will arrive at your home. Prost!

All beers served at Mavericks Beer Station are certified by the Reinheitsgebot, the oldest food regulation in the world. Established in Bayern, Germany in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot purity law limits beer ingredients to "wheat, hops, water and yeast," and is one of the reasons why Germany has been known for centuries as a beer powerhouse.

Mavericks Beer Station is located in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, so their delivery service, including barrel-fresh German beer, is limited to Ageo and some parts of Okegawa City. See their website for details.

By - Ben K.