It's quite common for people to buy what they want online nowadays. Naturally, the frequency of packages being delivered to our homes has increased dramatically, and along with it, the number of logistics companies handling those deliveries.

Depending on where you live and what you order, however, your goods may not always be delivered by the same company.

In Japan, two logistics companies people often rely on are Yamato Transport, famous for their black cat logo, and Sagawa Express.

If you're a frequent online shopper living in Japan, you may have both Yamato and Sagawa couriers at your home at the same time.

Twitter user シャリ Shalee (@shaleed) often saw a male courier from Sagawa Express and a female courier from Yamato Transport bump into each other in front of their house.

After a few times, when both of them were at their door trying to deliver packages, Shalee joked:

"Why don't you two just go out with each other already?"

The couriers were probably surprised by Shalee's sudden matchmaking attempt but what was even more surprising was the impact it had.

They actually began dating after that and decided to get married!

What a surprise! Two couriers from rival companies tying the knot!

As they say, "Fact is stranger than fiction."

So, what happened after they met at Shalee's house? A reporter at our sister site Grape contacted Shalee to find out how it happened.

Q: The two came together to your house to announce their marriage?

A: Yes, they came together. For some reason, they also brought me a box of 萩の月 Hagi no Tsuki [custard cream sponge cakes famous in Sendai].

Q: Did you hear anything from them after that?

A: Now that they're married, they both decided to leave their companies and set up a new business together.

Q: Have you served as a "matchmaker" for other couples in the past?

A: I don't really know why, but many people have gotten married through my introductions. There are even a few couples among my Twitter followers (lol).

What a surprise. It would seem that Shalee has a knack for creating couples!

The Tweet received many likes and comments, such as:

  • "This left me speechless in a good way because it's such a surprising development. Congratulations to the couple!"
  • "What? I had a hard time imagining how it could be possible! But it's such a lovely story."
  • "I wonder if there will be many couriers from Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express at the wedding, even though they're rivals..."

The couple has put deliveries behind them as they build their new future together. But who knows, maybe they'll have another happy occasion in the near future, prompting one more visit to Shalee's house, this time to announce a delivery of a different kind...

Shalee produces and sells 七味 shichimi (literally "seven spice") spice mixes made from the finest ingredients. If you're interested, click on the link in the Tweet below*

* To have purchases delivered outside of Japan, you'll need to either ask an acquaintance with a Japanese address to forward them to you or use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express.

By - Ben K.