Itohkyuemon is a famous Kyoto tea specialists founded in 1832 and based in the area’s green tea Mecca, Uji. The teahouse has a few branches around Kyoto and they utilise their matcha expertise for a whole range of delicious treats, including some seasonal specialties.

A couple of months ago they released their yearly tribute to the representative flower of rainy season, the gorgeous hydrangea parfait. But matcha fans are spoilt this summer with even more seasonal treats gracing the menu.

Kakigori is a traditional Japanese shaved ice dessert. Although it can be found at festivals simply flavoured with sugary syrups, if you order kakigori at a cafe you’re likely get a more luxurious treat, with thick and juicy handmade syrups, yoghurt, fruit toppings or traditional flourishes such as mochi and red bean paste.

Itohkyuemon have released a whole range of traditional-style kakigori creations using their enviable green tea expertise which are currently available in certain branches of their teahouses.

The Instagrammable 'Uji Matcha Parfait' shaved ice (1,490 yen) has toppings piled on high, just like a parfait.

While the 'Uji Matcha Daifuku' kakigori (1,290 yen) keeps it simple for green tea lovers, with matcha on matcha on matcha. What more does one need?

'Fuwa Fuwa Uji Matcha Kintoki' (from 990 yen) takes the traditional shaved ice combination of matcha and red beans, called matcha kintoki, and makes for a super fluffy, luxurious version of the classic dessert.

While the above desserts are only on the menu at the Gion Shijo and JR Uji Station branches of Itohkyuemon, the 'Nostalgic Uji Kintoki' (from 850 yen) can only be found at the Itohkyuemon main store, Uji Honten.

As these icy treats are part of Itohkyuemon's summer menu, they will only be around until the end of September. Information about each branch of Itohkyuemon can be found on their website. But if you can't make it to Kyoto this summer don't worry, there's plenty of matcha eats to be found elsewhere like on our list of the top green tea desserts in Tokyo!

By - Jess.