Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea specialist store founded in 1832 and based in Uji, an area of Kyoto famous for high quality tea. Their green tea expertise has helped them take the art of the matcha parfait to new heights, with gorgeous creations being released every season in their Kyoto teahouses.

This includes hydrangea parfaits for rainy season, and cherry blossom offerings for spring. They’ve already revealed one autumn treat with a chestnut theme, and the latest one pays tribute to the autumn foliage that bursts into colour come fall.

The ‘Momiji Matcha Parfait’ is perfect for the season, with autumn hues and ingredients. ‘Momiji’ means autumn leaf viewing, so there’s no doubt to where the inspiration for this dessert comes from.

It contains mashed sweet potato, sweet potato cream and chestnut. An autumn leaf-shaped jelly sweet and almond tuile cookie also decorates the peak of the parfait. Of course, there’s plenty of Uji green tea, with matcha jelly and roasted green tea (hojicha) syrup.

This tall glass of green tea goodness will set you back 1390 yen, and will be available from now until the end of November. The parfait will be available in the Uji Honten (main store), JR Uji station, and Gion Shijo branches.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.