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A guide to Japanese Fashion and Cosmetics magazines

Unlike some other countries, Japan still has avid readers of magazines and I believe the reason for that is the many tips, various styles, and cute packages and gifts included in them.

There are many types of fashion magazines in Japan and it can get quite difficult to choose from as the target audience is very wide and ranges from teens to people in their 50s and 60s. Not to mention men fashion magazines and so on.

Magazines are present in various places in Japan such as cafes, beauty salons and you can even find it in hospitals or when you got to the dentist. I love flipping through the pages whenever I have an appointment at the dentist and see what is in trend these days and what goes with the outfits pictured in the magazines.

Buying fashion/cosmetics magazines has become one of my favorite things to do in Japan; I can even say is one of my hobbies as I buy it every time I go to a bookstore, so here are a few of the magazines I’d like to recommend you:


Non-no is very popular especially among people in their 20s and has been on the market for quite a while now. The fashion items and outfits are quite casual and women like it because you can make your outfits look fashionable without overdoing it, so it works for many people.


Oggi magazine’s target audience is office workers in their twenties. Their concept is based on lifestyle and work-life so it has outfits that balance these two main ideas.


With an image of “mature and cute”, the Sweet magazines have many fans among women in their late twenties. The models are gorgeous and the outfits are cute, but not too childish.


Glow has women in their 40s as a target audience but has also been popular between women in their 30s and 50s due to the various topics and trends presented in the magazine.

It also has many tutorials and shows its readers how to match their outfits with their makeup and hairstyle so they look pretty for any occasion.


Voce is a make-up/beauty magazine aimed at women in their 20s and 30s. However, it has been read by many generations because of the many articles regarding beauty, skincare, lifestyle, hair treatments, and makeup tips.


For those who are into cute and feminine fashion, Larme is what I recommend. It is a lovely fashion magazine, mostly aimed at women in their late teens and twenties, but also at those who love cute fashion and feminine, sweet accessories.

Nylon Japan

For those who are into street style, Nylon Japan is the magazine to go for. It has various styles you can try out and focuses on pop culture, beauty, and fashion.

I find Japanese magazines very interesting and I think it is such a good and innovative idea that they add tips on how to style your outfits and what nail color/makeup would go with it.

Many have also makeup tutorials using the makeup pallets that come with the magazines and I find that exciting as I am always in search of new looks.

Which one is your favorite magazine or your favorite style?

By - cinnamonellie.