Watching videos of edible, miniature food in the making is oddly satisfying, but at sushi restaurant Sushiya no Nohachi, you can actually order a tiny plate of sushi and eat it.

Made with a single grain of rice topped with a tiny slice of fresh fish, these miniature sushi can be ordered for free at the restaurant along with the rest of your food.

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Sushi chef Hironori Ikeno decided to offer these miniature sushi when a customer asked, “How small can you make your sushi?,” seeing that Ikeno’s nigiri were generally of a smaller size.

Sushiya no Nohachi is located in Asakusa, and serves traditional Tokyo-style sushi. While most people go there for a bite of delicious sushi, the mini-sushi are also often served as surprises for customers celebrating special occasions.

If you’re thinking of going and ordering a plate, though, try not to go when the restaurant is busiest — Ikeda only takes orders of these tiny delicacies outside of peak hours.

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Aside from the fact that they offer this unique menu, the restaurant is also the perfect place to get together with the special people in your life. It opens at 5PM and doesn’t close until 2AM, so you can head over after work, have a few drinks, and eat sushi with your friends into the late hours.

Sushiya no Nohachi

Address: 1-3-7 Kaminarimon, Daito-ku, Tokyo (5 minutes from Tawaramachi Station)

Hours: 5:00PM~2:00AM

Closed Sundays


By - grape Japan editorial staff.