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Hokkaido Aquarium’s Penguin Show Is Absolute Chaos

Despite the controversies that surround them, animal shows still remain as one of the most popular events at aquariums all over the world. The reality is no different in Japan, where dolphins, sea lions, and penguins are often trained to perform in front of eager audiences.

But just because people want animals to perform for them, doesn’t mean the creatures have any reason to oblige. Because really, what animal would want to be trained to entertain humans?

That’s probably what this group of penguins at Otaru Aquarium in Hokkaido was thinking during their own penguin show. Clearly having no time or patience to put up with the aquarium’s nonsense, the penguins took the show into their own hands and ran it themselves.

At times getting help from crows and seagulls, the penguins swam, walked, and jumped completely on their own terms. The staff had no other option but to surrender, laughing at the group of aquatic birds that decided they really had much more important things to do.

But despite the lack of (unnecessary) devotion of the penguins, the audience, as well as the aquarium staff, loved the show regardless.

Keep on rebelling, little penguins.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.