The world has been in chaos ever since the outbreak of novel corona virus (Covid-19) started in January 2020.

In Japan, they shifted the state of emergency in late May, however, the outcomes are still unpredictable, and tension still remains as the country slowly and cautiously gets back to normalcy.

The pressure of prevention is high especially for food industries including restaurants and bars since cross contamination could easily occur, and they are understandably taking extra precautions while providing services.

“Kura Sushi”, one of the chain kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants in Japan, came up with interesting sign and people can’t stop talking about it!

One day when Makki (@hyuga_kabocha) visited Kura Sushi, she tweeted a photo she took; a mini stand that came with sushi on the conveyor. Since then, her post has been receiving a lot of laughs

You see, on the conveyor belt at a sushi restaurant, they often place a small menu stand on the plate and let it make rounds so people can see what’s available for specials and promotions. What Makki saw was a mini stand with a unique, very time-appropriate humorous sign that brought smile on many people’s faces!

Right next to a menu stand of Ama-Ebi (sweet prawn), there’s a sign of Japan's new favorite folklore spirit--Amabie!

Amabie is a little funny looking, half fish and half human yokai, who according to legend appeared out of the sea and told humans to draw it during the time of a pandemic to stop the spread of disease.

You can see the restaurant’s intention to wish for the outbreak to calm down by putting the sign up, and letting it go rounds on the conveyor so that many people can see the drawing. As you can see, not only the obvious pun intended with the yokai's name spelled so closely to Ama-ebi, they also draw a prawn as it's hair to perfect the pun! (Amabie is said to be a scaly spirit) You can’t help but smile if you see this adorable drawing, especially with such a humor in it.

It seems as if others are happy to see the helpful sprite served up on sushi plates as well.

They even used pun! Kids are going to love it.

Honestly, I thought it said “Ama-ebi”, until I took a closer look at this photo!

If a cute sign like this was brought to me on sushi conveyor, it will definitely put a smile on my face!


It seems as though their attempt to serve some laughter with their sushi is a success, and hopefully the some anti-disease magic as well.

By - Mugi.