Avogado6 (アボガド6) is a talented Japanese artist doesn't offer much information about himself other than their fondness for chemistry and creating video works, but there is a ton of conversation to be had about their dark and though-provoking artwork. Avogado6's illustrations, which we've had the pleasure of introducing before, often use powerful imagery and symbolism to reflect on societal problems, but also personal depression and trauma.

All of Avogado6's work can be seen on their official website and Twitter account, but below are some recent standout pieces that will leave you thinking!



Source: Avogado6


Source: Avogado6


Source: Avogado6


Path of Humanity

Changing Careers

I don't want to go

I don't want to work

Customer Service

Source: Avogado6

Day off

Dining table

Out of Hand

Good night's sleep


By - Big Neko.