During Japan's testing rainy season, an umbrella is a must.

But there are always those who end steal (or sometimes mistakenly) take your umbrella from the stand you place it in in front of a shop. You can’t help but think about the risk of having your umbrella stolen, whenever you have to leave it in a stand.

A “guilt-tripping” face

Creator and Twitter user N Bokkusu + (@cTstZKtDOlRIN1z), however, has come up with an umbrella theft prevention idea.

He posted the finished product on Twitter, and it’s been receiving lots of attention since then.

Allow us to introduce the “guilt-tripping” handle to combat umbrella thieves!

It is as though those teary eyes are talking to you!

It’s an umbrella handle cover with a sad emoji face with big teary eyes, that looks you up when you open the umbrella.

He posted a photo of the item with a caption “this is the face of the person you stole this umbrella from” and a hashtag “Pien”, meaning sad, known as an internet slang in Japan.

The item was a huge hit (as umbrella theft and mistaken umbrella identity can be an issue in Japan), and many commented with excitement, with many saying “So cute” and “I want one too!”

Some said that such a cute handle cover might motivate a thief to steal it even more, but since it is so unique, it would be a good way to differentiate from other plain, vinyl umbrells.

We must admit, this handle-cover, which not only makes your ordinary umbrella more personalized, but also combats the potential thief, is such a brilliant idea!

By - Mugi.