You may remember Monichi's first forray into Gundam stop-motion, a playful romp featuring Gundam Wing and Gundam Virtue dueling each other that was done mostly for fun, but met with much praise from Japanese internet users. Well, fueled by his previous success and some newfound techniques, Monichi has leveled up his stop-motion techniques and come back with an even cooler stop-motion Gundam battle.

Like many sequels, his second attempt seems to benefit from some added techniques and special-effects to try and trump the first. With lasers, explosions, dismemberment, and even some Matrix-esque dodging, you can truly appreciate the work Monichi put into it. Monichi says he only worked at the video in his free time, but set things up two to three hours at a time over the course of a month, with about 250 shots taken.

It's just 43 seconds long, but has all the action you need and even a dramatic ending.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.