It's a part of our lives we often forget about, but the humble phone charger deserves to feel special too. As we all know, the quickest way to impart cuteness and charm to any item is to adorn it with a beloved anime character.

In Japan there’s an instant fix for this issue, called a ‘Cable Bite’. This adorable range of charging cable accessories includes all kinds of character creations. We’ve seen ones shaped like Studio Ghibli characters before, as well as items referencing iconic magical girl Sailor Moon. But this next one is for fans of the enduring, world-popular series, Pokemon.

Other popular Pokemon have been released before, but new additions Snorlax and Mew are some first generation fan favourites who are sure to keep a close eye on your smartphone’s charging status for you.

These cute charger covers not only jazz up an otherwise ordinary charger cable, but are also a practical addition since they stop the cable from becoming disconnected by accident. When attached, the character will look as though they are cutely hanging on to your smartphone by biting.

These 'Cable Bites' cost 680 yen plus tax, and there's a whole website to browse through, including characters from Japanese anime, western cartoons, sports mascots, and even ones inspired by the famous children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Take a look to see if your favourite character could become your little charging companion!

By - Jess.