If you and your other half are just as crazy about Pokemon as you are about each other, Japanese jewellers U-Treasure have the perfect rings to level up your relationship.

They’ve released a few different Pokemon wedding rings before with ones inspired by fan favourite Pikachu, and even some featuring Espeon and Umbreon.

To help celebrate the evolution of your love affair, these new super cute designs star Eevee, a popular first generation Pokemon. The 'solitaire' rings have an impressively detailed male and female Eevee on either side of the stone, distinguished by their slightly different tails (female Eevee's tail marking is heart-shaped, while the male has a spikey pattern).

The other design, a ‘pair ring’, is more subtle with Eevee engravings on the inside and a raised Eevee on the outside.

Both designs can be bought in a variety of precious metals like platinum, yellow gold or rose gold. The most affordable version is silver (39,600 yen for the pair ring) and the most expensive is the platinum solitaire ring with 18 carat rose gold Eevees (125,400 yen). Check out U-Treasure's website for a full list.

But for trainers adventuring solo there’s plenty of other awesome jewellery to catch on U-Treasure’s online store or Shinjuku branch including necklaces inspired by Ditto, Magikarp and a whole host of other beloved Pokemon.

By - Jess.