The AIRism Mask by Uniqlo was released on Friday, 19th of June in Japan and people went so far as lining up since early in the morning, way before the stores were open, just to purchase it.

I also was hoping I could get the mask, so I went 15 minutes before the opening of a nearby Uniqlo store, but I was too naïve to think that I would be able to get it.

When I got there, the first thing I noticed was a row of cars waiting in front of the parking lot.

Then, I saw people standing around the shop, going to the entrance, then leaving right away.

I thought it pretty odd that no one is lining up despite the parking lot being full. As I approached, I noticed a few people from the staff holding something. It was a placard and some kanji were written on it, but I was too far to decipher the characters, so I went closer.

Now that I got to the staff holding the placards, I could finally see what it was written: “We are sorry, but the masks are sold out”, however, I couldn’t understand how. I mean, the store wasn’t even opened yet.

I decided to talk to a member of the staff and he kindly explained that people were lining up from 7 am (the store was supposed to open at 11 am) and they gave off ticket numbers to everyone, so it was now sold out.

Pretty unfair, isn't it? That is what me and pretty much all the customers that came at 10:50 were thinking. I mean, no one mentioned anything about coming earlier, so there was no way of knowing that.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase one, but a few of my Japanese friends did, so I asked them for a little review of the mask.

Two of them said that it smells funny when you open the package and they didn’t quite like the smell, so they chose to wash it first. I did a bit more research and many people on Twitter were talking about this matter.

They also said that it fits perfectly on your face. However, for those who like masks a bit on the looser side, the AIRism mask might not be for them (you can always get a bigger size, though).

The material of the mask allows the skin to breathe, dries quickly, but it seems that many people were confused and thought of it as a summer mask with a cooling effect.

While it is less suffocating than normal masks due to its moisture-absorbing properties and makes you feel a bit cooler, preventing sweating and cloudy eyeglasses, it isn’t a cold face mask.

Some people bought it thinking that it is and that it would make it perfect for summer. Here are a few more tweets regarding the AIRism masks:

“Good morning! I bought the AIRism mask on Friday from Uniqlo and wore it today. As it is a nonwoven fabric it is easier to breathe in however it isn’t a cold mask so it doesn’t get cooler.”

“I tried the Uniqlo AIRism mask and it is very comfortable to wear! The material isn’t cool but feels smooth and pleasant. I am happy I can wash it on the washing machine and I think it would be a great idea if they release it in other colors, too. By autumn/winter, I feel it will improve even more”

There have been quite a few misunderstandings regarding the cold properties matter, but it seems that a lot of people are pleased with its drying properties and the way it looks, saying that it is quite fashionable.

Leaving behind the few misunderstandings, it seems that the majority are pleased with the mask but there have been a lot of people disappointed that they couldn’t purchase one (including me!).

By - cinnamonellie.