Home to Toei Studios Kyoto, the Uzumasa district of Kyoto is sometimes referred to as the "Hollywood of Japan", with the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, an amusement park that lets guests travel through old Japan, as it's biggest attraction. The park, Eigamura (movie village) is now getting it's largest feature yet, with a life-sized Evangelion statue that lets guests take a synchronization test by getting in an entry plug!

Centered in a pool of bloody red LCL fluid, the gigantic EVA Unit-01 measures 15 meters in height, and that's just the upper body. Guests can climb up onto the palm of the EVA unit's hand for a unique photo shoot.

Like many attractions in Japanese theme parks, the statue comes with a backstory. This time the Kyoto-branch of NERV is seeking potential Evangelion pilots. That means guests can climb into the full sized EVA Unit-01's entry plug and test their synchronization!

Art prints, pin badges, and acrylic figure stands with Neon Genesis Evangelion characters done up in kimono (keep in mind the theme park has a theme of being set in old Japan) will also be available.

The statue's grand unveiling is scheduled for October 3rd, but there will be advance preview admission between August 1st and 16th, as well as on holidays and weekend ups until September 27th.

By - Big Neko.